About me


Due to a lot life & worked stress oppress me can't breathing. I feeling very sad. One day I online occasionally searched Persian cat & kittens, I felt my heart abruptly warm and very loving, I felt this world having a lot things so nice is in the America. I fast purchased one Persian kitten. That is my #1 boy Peking. He brought good luck/warmer and happiness for me. I felt my home very nice and lovely. I had new energy of life. Then, I had Jin-Jin, Di-Di, Duo-Duo, Nan-Nan.

They make me happy everyday. I love them as love as my life. We decided to register a cattery and learn more.

This is first step

Peking                                                                            Jin-Jin

Di-Di                                                                        Duo-Duo

Persian cat were smart, beautiful, soft and adorable. They are sentimental and very clean animal. They understand love and also give you unlimited love, they are collectively live and mutual help, cherish, care for each other. They always respect and adore you. They are as like movies stars to showing and playful, it make your fascinated and very interesting. I receive their unconditional love. I enjoy it very much, and never giving up my dreams. They are all my therapists, and I stopped using medication. I full energetic go to hard work. Whatever troublous with vicious things met me, I back the home all forgot. I with my Persian's cats and kittens life together very happy. Now, we have a warm & lovely big family. 
Since 2008 wintertime. I start purchased different colors Persian breeders kittens, and building my indoor cattery. But, I met the very bad and sad things. The sellers sold to me the kittens is have has a lot genetic diseases and in internal organs tumors and bad virus. Has some catties sold kitten to me is retired old cats. They are changed old cats birthday become to a kitten birthday the paper work gave to me. Old cat can't use and very crazy. He bite and fight my any cats. He gave a lot troubles at my home.
I lost cats, and got cheat. That caused my tremendous pecuniary loss. Deeply grieved painful always inscribed on my memory.
Forgive other and as like forgive self.
I learn more nice cattery.  Our plan is; how to ensure those love & purchase our kittens customers, and building our good reputation. I for my cats have a healthy live environment. We moved to larger and nice home.
  Since 2009 winter. We start bred first group Persian kittens, babies were success born. They are healthy and adorable. We having more beautiful Persian breeders now, you can visit our breeders pages to get details. We having adult cats go date room, childbirth room. Nursery with mother room together. Others cats and age older than the 2 month kittens all free running anywhere. I love & take good care them. Childbirth room is my bedroom and I can more than that 15 hours take care for my babies. . We let our high quality Persian kittens to enter Cat show.

In 18th Mar 2011, my cattery cats was passed checked 3 month, by deportment of province about feline viruses FIV/FELV . All cats kittens is negative. reson was I sold a kitten in Boston of 3 month age old. He died new home of FELV in Dec, 2010 . So my cattery breed cats tested more times combo test about FIV/FELV is negative. My cattery got released.

In the Oct 15th 2011. I purchased a new silver boy came home. Who knows he carried Calicivirs. My cattery got closed again, and checked other 3 month. Myself cats/kittens passed all checks and very healthy. they all got State DPT & Police animal health control was by paper work and all released.

Now. I only have few EXOTIC shorthair Persians for breeder.

I Believe Firmly: The God Be Penalty Those Bad People !!!!!

Thanks God and nice people for helps us!

We Are Honest Our All Buyers. We are do not learn bad things of others catteries. We believes the "Karma" - Retribution for sin !

I Believe Firmly: The God Be Penalty Those Bad People !!!!!