Dear Purchaser Read Please!
My guarantee only assurance genetic diseases in my kittens.
The genetic diseases is their parents heredity to them.
If the kitten in new homes infected on the GERMS or VIRUSES, caused complication diseases and lead to die.
It doesn't belonged to my assurance scope.
Please recognize to understand my assurance kitten scope.  


* Shiningcats cattery about kittens health guarantee. That is guarantee I sold the new born kitten have serious genetic HCM, on endanger his/her life, and vets proved the kitten can't treatment and live long. He/she will be doing a humanity doom. That need 2 different animal hospital vets checked result to proved /confirmed this kitten. That is "kitten life guarantee" for one year. Purchaser must understand health guarantee all meaning. If past my 12 month guarantee, with the adult cat for sale. I don't guarantee any more. Who can guarantee the cat whole life or foolproof diseases? The adult cat responsibility is apart. Who adoption the cat, the responsibility is belong to who tack good care the cat. So when you want purchase a kitten or cat. You must think about clearly. That is do you have whether ability to supply a cat live? Because they are live animals, and not  human made the toys. They are need money to support their life.

* Sorry. I do not sale my cat to the poor home, or lost job and lost economical homes. I do not sale my cat go to those, doesn't  spent money to support cat medical treatment for health care, and they only want cat make them happy those homes. Or only for make money the catteries....

* I am used the a lot of money is from various aspect to supply my cats live and life. They are my love, my babies and my home members.

* Even though you purchased my cat. After, the cat follow the you live. You must as like me same, to treat yours cat life and live. That is your responsibility !!!

* My kitten in left home before. They are all went to the animal hospital or cats clinic. They are by licenses vets check out about their bodies health, and up date did vaccines/ deworming, then for sale and follow the them have has a health record. Then you purchase a new pet. You must before 3 days to visit your local animal hospital for check again about their healthy. That is verify my kitten is healthy? And confirm I sold a healthy kitten to you. If the kitten is be your local animal hospital checked out have serious genetic disease ( the paper works is from 2 different animal hospital and correspond my health guarantee). You must before the 3 days notify me, and before the 5 days and return back the kitten to me. Disallow to delay. If no. You need bear all responsibility. (No money refund. No kitten replace). If I can replace a kitten. That need replacing a as like same yours kitten quality. You need wait for when do I have kittens ( you need bear shipping fee).

* When the kitten went to the new home, new environment, new people & new life style. The kitten maybe from on spirit nervous & fear and stressful. They need more love & treat more soft give more cares. The pet maybe sick too. Because, I don't know about buyers the home sanitation conditions. But our home persistently clean up, wash, disinfect every thing, grooming, keep fresh water/food & works long hours every day. Our home indoor temperature is 72-74 degree in the cold Winter. 73-75 degree in the spring time. 68-72 degree is in the hot Summer time. Our AC & heaters is 24 hours on and automatic switch to keep the comfortable indoor temperature for cats & kittens. We often open window give fresh air circulation of indoor. If our cats & kittens get sick. We are promptly for who get treatment & quickly recovery. They are always happy & shining.

* 12 weeks to 16 weeks old kitten equal 2-4 years old human. They are immunity system is very weak. They are need important take good care is from environment sanitation, diet hygiene & health care. If your new pet get common disease or sick. You must quickly to visit your vets check out & medication. No says to wait for he/she self get better or wait for my health guarantee to changes a new kitten. That is just caused more problems and lead to complications diseases to the kitten. Small kitten immunity can not bear much virus/bacteria corrode their body in more days. That too dangers of the kittens life and caused dieth.

* When your kitten have a watery eyes & sneezing etc. That is diseases signs in. If his/her has had a upper respiratory infection. That is proved his/her immunity first line of defense, already got virus/bacteria breached. If you don't quickly to visit vets & use medication. His/her second, third immunity line of defense follow the broken. It is will be caused the poor kitten very sick and combonation diseses coming to endanger his/her life too. If as like as this improper care case. We can refuse guarantee for your kitten. Love kittens that is as like as love yourself babies same. When you purchase a new pet. You must think about, do you have enough energy to take good care the kitty live.

MEMORIZE: " CAT ONLY EAT CAT FOOD". If you don't understand feed cat or no more raising experience. You remember to feed your cat and only use cat food. Do Not feed human food or other animals food to cat. Human food or other animals food have a lot toxins. It is no good for cats. And can caused cats very sick and death.

If your live condition is changed. You want given away the cat to friends, or Recourse Law Assistance DPT. That is fine. But you can't  dumped the cat on the street. Animal is by the States Law to feeding.

Do you know. When you treated your pet really good. The God nodded to you & smiley. The God will record your beneficence & works. You will be get great requite is from THE GOD!

Thanks - kindhearted & honest people. The God always blessing you!

Specifically Declare:

I did not designated a vet specially to see my cats.  My cats is went to the different animal hospitals. They were got the different animal vets for checked their body health, or medical treatment. Which hospital is having first available. My cats come to for a treatment. And include emergency animal hospital. I for your convenient checking my cats healthy conditions. I supply for you. That is my cats went to the animal hospitals. In below

Angell's animal hospital ( Boston )

VCA South Shore (Weymouth) Animal Hospital

Dorchester animal hospital ( Dorchester )

Norwell Veterinary Hospital ( Norwell )

South Coastal Animal Health ( Weymouth )

Willard Veterinary Clinic ( Quincy )

Old Derby Animal Hospita ( Hingham )

Hingham Animal Clinic! ( Hingham )

Banfield Pet Hospital  ( Braintree )

Those hospital must have has Angela Wong named

1.  Accident caused hurt with die suddenly. I don't guarantee.
     If you want give me troubles. Please submit animal hospital
     all checked postmortem examination report with the cat
     with you live the healthy record

2.  Improper care with feed or detersive caused toxication and die.
     I don't guarantee.
     You must submit
animal hospital postmortem examination
  With the cat live healthy record.

3.  When the cat got sick. You doesn't give cat visit animal hospital
     vets for treatment. And the cat got more serious diseases
     and caused die.
     I don't guarantee
     You must submit animal hospital postmortem examination
with the cat everyday life and animal hospital record.