Dear Purchasers reading please!

My cattery was closed. No any cats & kittens for sale.

Cat eat fresh cat food and clean water only. Everyday. You need keep the their foods nice clean. water needs changes clean water everyday. Cats with dogs needs sepreated feeding. This is very important the things of the cats health. You needs give cat/kittens more wet food everyday. You needs choice light salt cat dry food to feed them.....

So we can not guarantee our kittens any more. Feeding animals all deference animal law.
When we sale our kittens. We be bring them to animal hospital by vets checked them out about their health. We by vets to confirm they are health and can be sold.

We are sold the kittens be by animal hospital checked, and ensure their health. Then go to new love pet homes. So our the responsibility is: The kitten follow the who raising. The responsibility is belong to who take good care the cat and kittens whole live. You need give the cat and kittens, a nice clean feeding and lives environment. Home need often disnfect and clean up the cat and kitten. Avoid bacterias and viruses infection. everyday feeding fresh foods and water.

You need to set dates for kitten dewormer and vaccine shots. And set date to exam their health.
You need since received this kitten the date, and before the 3 days to check out he/she the health. This is confirm we sold a healthy kitty to you. So in future no any argument. No returns and refunds.

Second. Nobody can guarantee the live animals no sickness. Lives animals need human take good care their everything. So you wanted buy a small beautiful and adorable animal. First. You need think clearly- your economy is how and your energy is can take good care small animal lives???

Thank you for love my cat and kittens!

Angela Wong