Visit my full of sunny and lovely home. My located at south shore. MA. USA

I have a small indoor cattery. Breed cats all tested PKD, FIV/FELV is negative.

Now. I only keep the few exotic shorthair cats for bred. That is keep my a hobby.

I only raising Exotic Shorthair & Long hair

I am trying to breeding the best show and high quality kittens. Insure healthy exotic babies.

My Exotic's shorthair pedigree lines is from Russia / Europe .

My cats and kittens have own their wonderful temperament. 

They are having wonderful feline culture.  

Exotic babies color include: Bi-color's, silver tabbies, brown tabbies, van's and calico's etc ....

Cattery registered in CFA  & TICA . 

Show cats is in the CFA / TICA.

           Our breeders all tested DNA/PKD & FIV/FELV negative.       

We are a cages less cattery.

Please see below pictures & videos. You can known about my cats and kittens life.

How do they are living ? They are living in a very nice & clean life environment,

they are freedom and  unrestrained around at home any where

for running, jumping, playing, relaxing and sleeping.

They very enjoyment their happy life. I treated them as like my children.

They are important of my life a part.

In my birthday, friends sent me a gift. They called me "crazy cat lady".

Yes. I'm.

The cattery only my a hobby.

I everyday at least two times ( morning and night ) give them fresh water and fresh food.

And for them grooming/comb hair and wash face/eyes. 

Monthly at lease one time claw care & trim nails and paw hairs.

That is prevents they in the play times injury and keep clean. 

Some time need take a shower. Up date for them shots and deworms.

I hugs and kisses them everyday. I happy and laugh heartily any time with my cats.

I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH............

This Is A How Lovely-Big Family
Please click pictures